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The Rights & Repertoire Manager is responsible for maintaining the data, licenses and rights within our catalogue ensuring that the music is available and safe to use by content creators. They will maintain and manage these rights by using content id systems and compiling relevant data on our catalogue in our database. They shall maintain our database of catalogue information so that data can be accessed by relevant team members. They are also responsible for multiple steps in our release process including coordinating with our legal team on new agreements for artists we work with and managing and storing the digital metadata of such releases. They will also be assigned to review our current catalogue, then evaluate and improve the rights we have within the music so that it can be properly licensed and exploited.
Core Responsibilities:
  • Managing and keeping up to date our catalogue data and information.
  • Coordinating with relevant external teams or using tools such as YouTube Content ID to ensure our music is available for creators to use on social media platforms.
  • Resolving any claims, infringements and disputes, communicating with all parties and providing information which proves our rights and policies.
  • Communicating with our legal team on agreements & deals ensuring they fit policies set out.
  • Evaluating our current catalogue and then securing necessary rights to ensure we can properly exploit the products.
  • Improving our metadata strategy and working with the team to implement new systems to better manage our catalogue.


Competencies Required:
  • In-depth knowledge of content and rights management
  • In-depth knowledge of music metadata and catalogue management
  • An understanding of both recording and publishing contracts
  • Experience using tools such as Airtable and Google Sheets for catalogue management

How to apply

Send CV & Cover Letter to careers@ncs.io

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Throughout the last 10 years, NCS has built artist careers through it's unique 'free to use' record label business model. Allowing creators free access and use of their music, the NCS catalogue has been played over 300 Billion times across hundreds of millions of videos. The London based company has been rapidly growing it's team and is looking to expand into other sectors of the music industry.

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Posted on Sep 21

London, UK

Full time