Info for candidates

How current and fresh are the jobs on the site?

We understand that job seekers are frustrated by finding outdated job posts that have already been filled or are no longer available. We’ve tried to solve this with the following methods: Internships, freelance, and volunteer jobs expire automatically after 30 days and can be reposted manually by the posting company. Paid jobs have a 30-day duration but work on a subscription basis. If a company doesn’t cancel a job post subscription, it automatically refreshes. We thus incentivize recruiters to ensure they cancel if the vacancy has been filled.

The application link or email address doesn’t work

We’re sorry to hear this. Please contact us at contact (at) musiccareers.co with a link to the vacancy and the error and our team will resolve it as soon as possible.

How do I unsubscribe from job alerts?

Do you no longer wish to be alerted with updates to your customized list of top jobs in the music industry? Feel free to contact us at contact (at) musiccareers.co with the subject “Remove from job alert list” and our team will resolve it as soon as possible.

Info for companies

How can I place a music industry job post?

Please navigate to our post a job page and follow the instructions.

What are the pricing plans and perks?

Our site offers a customized three-tier pricing plan (Basic, Standard, Premium) to meet the various urgency of any job post. Please reference our pricing guide plan below:

Which job types can I post for free?

We understand that the music industry depends on internship, freelance, and volunteer work to thrive. Many employers aren’t always in the position to pay for such job posts. We, therefore, allow those jobs to be posted free of charge.

Why are your paid posts subscriptions and not one-off?

We want to keep our inventory current to ensure candidates have the best experience and that employers don’t get unnecessary applications nor have to repost vacancies if they haven’t been filled in the first month. After the initial 30 days of a paid post (applicable to full-time and part-time jobs), the post will renew and charge you for another month, bumping the post to the top of listings and extending the expiration date with another 30 days. You will also benefit from the perks included in your Pricing Plan, which can include; social media, newsletter mentions, and featured badges.

How can I create, edit or delete a company page?

Upon creating your first job post you’ll be asked to fill in your company details, which will populate your company page. Once you’ve successfully completed the post, your company page will be created, which is accessible via the Account Details page. There you’ll be able to edit your company information by navigating to the Edit Company page.

How can I edit a job post?

You can do this within the Account Detail page after logging in and by clicking on the job’s clip.

How long until my job post is reviewed and publicized?

We strive to strictly present quality music industry jobs to our visitors and our team thus reviews every job post for accuracy, formatting, and applicability. We aim to complete all reviews within a 24 hour business day. Once your job post is approved, it will be made public and you will be alerted via email.

How do different users post to the same company?

The first user to post a job on behalf of a company will be designated as the manager of that company. Future posts by that user will be combined with any future job posts under that same company page moving forwards. If a different colleague from the same company would like to submit a new job post, we ask that they complete the job post and fill in placeholder information for the company name and email us at contact (at) musiccareers.co with a link to the original company page. Our team will integrate the new job post into the original company name, and grant the new user access to the company page. Any user that has been approved to submit posts will have full viewer and editor access to all jobs on the company page.

Can a company with different subsidiaries display posts on a single company page?

We currently only allow each account to submit job posts and manage one company at a time. If you want to post on behalf of multiple companies, we suggest two options: 1) You create a parent company page for your “group” and describe each subsidiary in the job post accordingly. 2) You use a different email address for each company and fill in the unique company details in each of the respective job posts.

Do different users of the same company need to use the same billing information?

No. We manage subscriptions for paid posts on a per-job basis, allowing you to use different payment methods for each post.

Can I change the pricing tier of an active paid post?

Yes, please contact us at contact (at) musiccareers.co with a link to the job post and the intended pricing plan upgrade.

How to renew an expired free job post?

You can do this on the Account Details page by clicking on the expired job.

How to unpublish a job post?

Visit your company Account page. There, click on edit job post, hit Cancel subscription, and then Expire post.

How to delete a job post?

Visit your company Account page. There, click on Edit job post, hit Cancel renewal, and then Delete post.

How do I cancel my job post subscription? And what happens if I do this before the expiration date?

Paid jobs at MusicCareers are subscriptions to ensure that our inventory is fresh and that prolonged posts get the necessary views and are filled sooner. After check-out, your paid post will be valid for 30 days and renews automatically until canceled on the My Account page, by clicking on the specific job and selecting "cancel auto-renew". Upon cancellation the job will remain up until the expiration date, unless you choose to unpublish it sooner.

What if I fill the job post before the active period ends?

We would encourage that you both cancel your subscription and unpublish your job post so that candidates don’t unnecessarily apply to your job. Your job will remain visible in your account page should you wish to renew it.

How long will a job post stay active?

Both free (freelance, volunteer, internships) and paid jobs (full-time, part-time) are active for 30 days. Free jobs will expire after that period and paid jobs will auto-renew for consecutive 30-day windows until canceled by the poster.

Where can I manage my billing information?

You can access your billing information on the Account page.

Still have more questions?

If you were unable to find a solution in the FAQ please feel free to contact us at contact (at) musiccareers.co.