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MusicCareers is a music industry job site made by music professionals, for music professionals. We help companies and talent find each other in a way that respects the nuances of our industry.
Our site offers an intuitive hiring experience meant to connect recruiters with quality talent. We are a trusted resource by job seekers looking for newly posted career opportunities at major music companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, Insomniac, Atlantic Records, Def Jam Recordings, TikTok, Spotify, Universal Music, Twitch, and many more.
We want our industry to thrive and think it should be simpler for talent and companies to connect, so we’re here to play our part.

Who we are

Taisuke Yamamoto, President, MusicCareers

I'm a music and technology entrepreneur, with 15 years of experience in building startups from scratch.
In 2008 I created a bilingual hip-hop label '1OR8FACTION' across Asia, which quickly expanded into a production and events agency. We used digital and social media to host regular events and drive ticketing to our first large scale concert - part of the first K-pop wave 'K-Pop Heal The World', featuring artists such as T-ARA, AfterSchool, T-Max and more.
From this foundation I started Geezerbuild a digital marketing and technology development agency between Singapore and Japan. We've been involved in growing startups across the industries of edu-tech (Singapore Press Holdings), Illustration (Stickerbomb), Property-tech (Dwellease) and much more across Asia. With partners I co-founded Meraki Venture Partners to invest in and guide startups from around the region.

MusicCareers aims to be the industry's most trusted job site that is intuitive, modern, and globally oriented - respecting all the industry’s nuances. With the growth of remote work and the digitisation of businesses, we want anyone looking for a job in the music industry to find it fun, easy, and productive.


Geezerbuild, Agency partner

Why recruiters choose MusicCareers?

We created MusicCareers as a painless and affordable job posting system explicitly designed with the music industry in mind. All the information a job seeker would need to know about the position and company is conveniently provided with no extra or unnecessary steps involved.
Full-time, part-time, and remote options are made readily available to meet the varying and seasonal needs of the industry. Freelance, volunteer, and internship jobs are offered free of charge to support a resilient music industry currently rebuilding from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

There’s something for everyone

The music business is a multi-billion dollar industry made up of tech companies, record labels, licensing groups, music venues, management agencies, PR firms, and more. It’s a multi-faceted world where exciting jobs and internships in A&R, music publishing, and marketing eagerly await.
Having worked in various sectors of the music industry ourselves, we recognize and celebrate this demand for such a wide range of work. Whether you’re an IT engineer or a sound engineer, MusicCareers is designed to provide the full spectrum of career opportunities that the music industry has to offer.

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