The role of Digital Marketing at Seeking Blue will be responsible for maintaining, developing, and analyzing digital marketing strategies for the music releases on Seeking Blue and it’s affiliated labels.
The ideal candidate for this position will have a keen sense of current marketing trends for music, as well as an intimate understanding of the platforms music is available. This person will excel in organizational planning and developing marketing strategies, budgets, and timelines for music releases on our labels. Not only will this person build out and develop plans, but they will carry out initiatives, actively participate in the success of the music, and pitch releases to all the relevant platforms our music exists on. This person will also maintain a relevant understanding of our other company entities and be willing to integrate all marketing efforts holistically across platforms.
The breakdown of your responsibilities are as follows
Develop, outline, and pitch marketing plans for all of the music released on Seeking Blue and its affiliated labels
To project manage, budget, and execute all marketing initiatives in/around the music on our label.
To successfully work with the team at Seeking Blue in designing outlines for marketing initiatives for all of it’s included entities (MrSuicideSheep/OneChilledPanda etc).
To buy, maintain, and monitor all in-house digital and physical ad spends across the labels and entities at Seeking Blue.
To maintain strong relationships with 3rd party partners at Digital Service Providers, press outlets, marketing and promotion teams, and other relevant interests.
[In relation to marketing] Onboarding and advisory duties for new signings as they enter the label ecosystem.
To develop and manage marketing systems for both label artists and the label(s) at a holistic level.
To review, communicate, and analyze all marketing spends with the upper management and board members at Seeking Blue.


What we will be looking for in a candidate:
A proven understanding of electronic, dance, and indie music and the overall global digital music landscape.
A proven understanding of the duties and workflow of a record label system and the employees and roles within it.
Having a clear understanding of music marketing, music development, data trends, as well as both physical and digital sales platforms for music.
Experience designing and developing marketing budget, release plan, and DSP specific pitch-information.
Experience marketing and promoting both established and developing artists.
Familiarity with music distribution techniques and an understanding of music delivery on an international scale.
A clear and concise ability to self-start and self-manage, while also considering the wellbeing of your team and the artists on the label.
A proven track record marketing and developing artists, songs, or albums at a record label or artist management level.
A proven track record utilizing and funding music with the Canadian grant systems (such as FACTOR, Starmaker, CreativeBC, MusicBC, and more) is considered a benefit.
Existing relationships with major music publishers, management companies, artist teams, and label teams is considered a benefit.
Organization and workflow management, often dealing with multiple signings or releases at one time.
Experience using Microsoft Office Suite (or relevant alternatives)
The ability to travel, network, attend concerts, and networking events. Exceptions may be considered.
Experience using Slack, Discord, Gmail, and other messaging apps is considered a benefit.

Benefits & Perks

Seeking Blue is a conscious and forward thinking company with a flexible work environment and adaptable work hours.
Team members are provided a full comprehensive benefits package and a minimum 2 week yearly paid vacation time.

How to apply

Please Include "Seeking Blue Digital Marketing Application" in your email subject, attach your full CV, and list your interview availability and any stipulations to employment (if any).

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Posted on Oct 10

Vancouver, Canada

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