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We are looking for an artist manager to work with us at KMI Records. We are a new record label, established in 2018 hosting events, distributing music & managing our own artists as well as artists signed to Sony Music UK, Universal.
This is a unique opportunity for hybrid working where you will not be expected to work at a desk from 9-5pm. Instead, you will be expected to tailor to your artist's needs which may include occasional work on weekends/evenings.


The right candidate will have the opportunity to work with some of the UK's biggest artists as well as travel often & attend events. We are also partnered with some highly influential brands, pages & other companies who offer the candidate a wider range of work within the same industry.

How to apply

Apply via email,

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KMI Records

KMI Records is a record label aiming to nurture talent and build a strong platform for artists to skyrocket their career. This has been through working with major labels, granting artists fair ownership of their work, providing valuable managerial aid and finally, supplying important links in distribution.

Job Details

Posted on Sep 12

London, UK