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The Admissions Coordinator, Music works closely with the Associate Director of Admissions, Music to support all aspects of the Music admissions process, including interacting with prospective applicants, organizing audition workflows, data entry, and maintaining accurate content on the website and in brochures; in particular, the Admissions Coordinator is responsible for all Music audition scheduling. The Coordinator represents the School at recruiting events, auditions and admissions events as needed and assigned. As a member of the Enrollment Management team, the Admissions Coordinator, Music enthusiastically supports enrollment goals of talent, excellence, and diversity.
  • Annual Admissions Cycle: Scheduling and Related Tasks
  • Develops the daily Music audition schedule
  • Once the Associate Director of Admissions, Music, determines Music audition dates, develops daily schedules for all Music auditions based on faculty availability and applicants' teacher preferences
  • Resolves scheduling conflicts and applicants' requests to change dates and times
  • Manages applicants' audition confirmations, and tracks no-shows when they occur
  • Assists the Associate Director of Admissions, Music, with the hiring of music audition student workers, including reviewing applications, scheduling and conducting interviews, and scheduling student workers for their specific tasks and days
  • Verifies workers' hours with the Admissions Coordinator, Operations, and serves as secondary supervisor for approving hours
  • Schedules audition-related events, including testing and interviews (e.g., DMA interviews, composition interviews, etc.)
  • Coordinates audition room scheduling and building usage with Registrar, Facilities, Security, and other divisions, including practice room access (e.g., percussion, Jazz drums, organ, harp)
  • Provides audition and room schedule information to accompanist coordinators, interviewers, and testers (e.g., Doctoral Governance Committee interviewers and testers, Jazz Studies coordinators, etc.)
  • Under the guidance of the Associate Director of Admissions, Music, prepares schedule/clean sheets for binders, assists with tabulating music audition and callback results; provisions results in the database as directed
  • With Facilities staff, conducts daily floor sweeps on audition days to ensure that all rooms used for auditions are clean and properly set up
  • Catering orders and management
  • Consults with Admissions Office staff to determine food needs for audition days
  • Obtains cafeteria food vouchers as needed, and manages their distribution
  • Arranges all catering and food delivery for Music and Dance auditions in New York City, with special attention to working within dedicated budget
  • Coordinates with Drama Division for their Callback Weekend catering needs, with special attention to working within dedicated budget
  • Connects as needed with Special Events Office at Juilliard, especially concerning invoices and budget
  • Together with other members of the Admissions Office staff, maintains accurate applicant files, both in the database and any hard copy materials
  • Assists in preparing materials for admissions committees
  • Post-audition, shreds audition forms and other materials from auditions, as instructed by the Associate Director
  • Manages post-audition applicant revisits:
  • Connects post-audition Student Ambassadors with admitted applicants
  • Identifies studio classes, academic classes, and rehearsals available for guests to attend
  • Sets up schedules with applicants, including interactions with Student Ambassadors
  • Pairs applicants with current students for the revisit day
Music Admissions Communication
  • Point person for communications with Music prospects and applicants
  • Provides program and application information to prospects
  • Provides a high level of responsiveness to Music applicant inquiries about application statuses, auditions, admissions processes, etc.
  • Is the primary manager of the account; maintains seasonal auto-responses, as appropriate
  • Meets with prospective applicants, as needed
  • Verifies Music faculty preferences regarding sample lessons with prospective music applicants, and provides such information to prospects upon request
  • Provides substantial phone coverage for Office of Admissions
  • Represents the school in on- and off-campus events for recruitment; may include travel outside the local NYC area
Databases and Technology
  • Slate
  • Develops and maintains high level of functionality in Slate, including tracking of materials and file completeness, processing of fee waivers, knowledge of queries, generation of audition forms, etc.
  • At the end of the application cycle, works with the Associate Director of Admissions, Music to transfer electronic records and hard copy files of enrolled students to the Registrar's Office; this includes any manual data entry into the School's SIS database
  • Works with Associate Director for Enrollment Management Technology and Data to come up with new ways to optimize our use of Slate, particularly in relation to audition scheduling and record maintenance
  • Develops a working knowledge of the school's Student Information System, specifically for the purpose of verifying applicant data between the SIS and Slate
  • Assists Associate Director of Admissions, Music with Music admissions webpage and online application updates, as needed
  • Additional Responsibilities
  • Is an active and committed partner to the Associate Dean in improving the function of the Office of Admissions in general, and specifically in the ongoing improvement and evolution of Music admissions
  • Is committed to awareness of the profession (admissions issues, recruitment strategies, best practices in higher education administration, etc.), participating in professional development activities when possible
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor's degree in Music or related field required
  • Minimum of two years' related experience in higher education; performing arts administration preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of music
  • Well-developed technical skills, including use of email, Word, spreadsheets, and databases, and openness to learning new technical skills, as needed
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability and eagerness to be a creative collaborator within the admissions team, contributing to team efforts and the successful accomplishment of Office goals
  • Ability and commitment to maintaining a professional appearance and behavior consistent with the values of Juilliard
  • Cultural competency; respect and ease dealing with people from varied backgrounds, belief systems, and orientations
  • Understanding of and commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) and the mission of The Juilliard School
  • Goal-oriented, self-motivated, requiring minimal supervision; able to plan and oversee assigned projects independently
This description provides the key responsibilities and requirements of the position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities. Other duties may be assigned as needed to meet The Juilliard School's goals.

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