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Yoop is a new way to attend events. We empower fans and creators.
We’re ushering live entertainment into its next-generation, replacing tickets with tokens, releasing a robust suite creator tools, streamlining event inventory distribution, and building the first trusted and transparent fan journey. (No more unnecessary intermediaries, artificially inflated prices, or entry surprises).
Despite having the largest distribution capabilities in history, venues, performing artists, and event organizers have experienced an erosion of revenue over the previous two decades due to the rise of unnecessary intermediaries. Yoop fixes this, returning these revenues and more to the original event creators and organizers.
With Yoop, event creators and organizers now have the first-ever opportunity to discover and capture the full economic value of their brand, while at the same time minimizing transaction fees for the fans.
A win-win, all thanks to the tools and tokenomics of Yoop!
At Yoop, we’re on a mission to remove intermediaries, protect fans, and accrue value to the key stakeholders of the live entertainment value chain.
The conditions for Yoop are ripe. Festivals, stadiums, concert halls, and clubs are migrating their events to Yoop, and our expectations are only growing from here. We invite you to reinvent the entertainment industry with us and attend some awesome shows while you’re at it!

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