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At the Victorian Music Development Office, we’re focused on supporting the Victorian contemporary music industry now and into the future.
The Victorian music industry is a vast and complex network of people, ideas and experiences. We’ve opened up a dialogue with our peers who work within it and identified the places where we can contribute to making the most significant change for them.
To ensure a long-term growth in the prosperity of Victorian music businesses, we equip micro to medium businesses and mid-career to established professionals with the resources and skills that will ensure music businesses continue to grow and those careers don’t have an expiration date.
We enable Victoria’s music professionals to broaden their networks overseas and learn from the trends that are driving international markets; undertake business development and training; access resources and services; and learn from ‘experts in residence’ whose experience and points of view are invaluable for our industry. If they require fellowships or funding, we can also link them with opportunities to apply for those resources to help grow their businesses and expand their view of what’s possible. We’re the Victorian music industry’s professional support system.
The Victorian Music Development Office is a key component in the Victorian Government’s Music Works strategy. Music Works is a commitment to boosting the development of the Victorian contemporary music industry, supporting the creation of jobs and sustainable careers, and ensuring Victoria maintains its reputation for great music.

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