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Sunderland Culture was formed in 2016, by University of Sunderland, Sunderland City Council and Music, Arts and Culture (MAC) Trust, to bring together and take forward an ambitious cultural vision for the city.
Our mission To improve life for everyone in Sunderland through culture.
Sunderland Culture is firmly place-focussed in its creative and cultural ambition. We work across the city to ensure the power of great art, culture and creativity is harnessed for the benefit of Sunderland, its residents and visitors and work created here is showcased internationally. Our mission is to improve life for everyone in Sunderland through culture.
We deliver a single programme through the city’s major cultural venues including National Glass Centre, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Arts Centre Washington and now The Fire Station, and with communities across the city. Sunderland Culture is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.
  1. To ensure an excellent, diverse artistic and heritage offer
  2. To encourage everyone to get involved.
  3. Secure a revitalize, joined up and accessible cultural infrastructure.

Our key principles In everything we do we strive to be Ambitious, Collaborative, Outward Looking and Inclusive.

  1. Ambitious – Sunderland Culture was created to transform a city through its cultural offer.
  2. Collaborative – We will be collaborative in our approach, working in partnership and sharing learning.
  3. Outward Looking – We see culture as a way of connecting Sunderland to the world.
  4. Inclusive – We will work to ensure our organisation, programme and audiences are inclusive and representative of the diverse range of voices and experiences.

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