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We’re a collective of Metaverse early adopters, contributing to this growing ecosystem by setting the right infrastructure for virtual events building.
100% focused on easy-to-use tools, we partner with different types of event organizers across all industries (Music, Arts, Conference, Fashion, Corporate) to onboard a wide and diverse audience to our virtual experiences.
We are leveraging the most advanced technologies to continually reimagine the boundaries of virtual worlds. Our commitment is to enhance the accessibility and experience across all Metaverse platforms (Sandbox, Decentraland, and others).
In April 2022, we successfully launched - in partnership with Paris NFT Day - Europe’s largest #NFT conference to the #Metaverse. This virtual event generated nearly 3,300 visitors from 100 different countries. You can read more about the event here.
In the year 2022, we intend to launch 20 to 30 new metaverse events. So we are looking for a self-driven Partnership Manager who will be able to manage the entire sales/commercial process from sourcing leads to closing deals in a wide range of verticals: Musical events, Corporate events, Web3 community gatherings (DAO, NFT), Art fair, Non-profit Gala and potentially Fashion shows.

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