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Opera Parallèle is San Francisco’s contemporary opera company. Our M.O. is right in our name: we work in parallel with creative artists and with arts and community organizations to make operatic art that’s not only enjoyable, but meaningful to 21st-century audiences. Each of our acclaimed productions is visually beautiful, and each features deeply immersive elements that take audiences directly into the experience. We believe opera is for everyone, we like to break boundaries, in short, we are not your grandmother’s opera company!
Opera Parallèle was founded by Nicole Paiement, who serves as the company's Artistic Director and conducts the performances. The productions are designed and directed by Creative Director Brian Staufenbiel. We perform at a variety of San Francisco venues, including YBCA Theater, Z Space, and SFJAZZ, and lean toward repertoire that is both artistically powerful and that has a social consciousness. We have achieved rapid growth as a company, based primarily on the excellence of our productions and the attention they have received both locally and nationally. We pride ourselves on creating big impact with modest resources.

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