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At Musiversal, our mission is to make music production 10x cheaper and easier to realize the vision of making anyone a music creator.
In 5 years from now, we believe that anyone will be a music creator. And we don’t just mean throwing together samples and midi tracks, which is saturating the world today. We mean real, live recorded, top-tier music and making that unfeasibly easy, cheap and accessible to create. Music will become a way for anyone and everyone to truly express themselves. We will achieve this by doing to music what Instagram did to photography: making it so easy and cheap that anyone can go from bedroom producer to renowned music artist.
To that end, we're initially serving professional music creators, with a subscription model that makes it easier, more efficient and more affordable than ever to work with world-class session musicians. In 2021, we made that dream possible - hiring 35 musicians and delivering over 25,000 sessions for hundreds of music creators worldwide. Eventually, we will work our way upstream to serve amateur music creators and finally to Mr. and Mrs. Smith who right now only consider music consumption, rather than music creation, as a possibility.

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