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MusicHub is a digital platform for artists to organise, administer and release their music independently and with ease. On the hub, musicians find a variety of intuitive tools and solutions to get their music heard and possibilities to connect to a broader audience, fellow musicians and supporters. With its DIY solution allowing artists to release their music via distributors on leading streaming platforms, whilst retaining full control of their rights, MusicHub empowers them to build a sustained career one ready track at a time. In the future, additional content management and rights administration features will be implemented to support musicians unleash their full creative potential.
MusicHub was founded in 2020 by GEMA in cooperation with Zebralution and thus has two strong partners from the music industry at its side. Both partners are on hand to provide the team with support, business guidance and connections to relevant industry experts, as well as provide MusicHub members with further services and opportunities as their needs develop. Focusing on what’s best for artists, all of MusicHub’s services have been developed by a team of musicians and music experts.
At present, MusicHub is available for GEMA members. The hub will open to a broader audience in 2022.

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