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Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Music Making Millions Ent is a record label
We are looking for a rap artist with the chops of writing an excellent 8 in a hook or 16 verses.
Must be able to record between 1-9 each day for only 1 to 3 hours, depending on your work ethic.
I will be hitting you up periodically to ensure you like the beat as an artist before you bring in your artistry.
You will be paid based on how many streams you can generate via streaming platforms. You will get 50% of all streaming monies sent straight to quarterly. We will provide you with beats from the genres of hip-hop, funk, and trap with fire melodies.
If you are willing to get a decent video shot, by all means, do what you feel to enhance the track's visibility. You will be sending the videos to us to upload. You are not permitted to upload artistry on our beats without our knowledge.
Each song must have great audio, no hissing or loud back noise.

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