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Lickd is a new and innovative tech startup that aims to disrupt the music licensing industry for good by creating the world’s first pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution for online video creators.
Before now, licensing music was for professionals and traditional media only. Production companies making tv shows and adverts hire a music supervisor and give them the length of the production to source and clear the music.
Well, today, the whole world has a production company in their pocket and an incredibly generous commissioning editor in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or perhaps, in the case of a brand or an agency, your very own website.
By working with major and independent labels and publishers alike, Lickd will provide a simple, mobile friendly, one-stop shop for you to search and license your favourite music directly into your video, wherever you want it to be broadcast online.
It’s a win for video creators, a win for the music industry and a win for those of us that love to watch good content online and hear great music with it!

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