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Who we are

IPMG is a platform for Production Music companies to discuss industry challenges, meet common goals and lobby to secure our sector's interests. The formation of the IPMG is a culmination of the professionalisation and increased activity over the last decade of the European Production Music Association and the subsequent Production Music Committee with the ICMP.
The IPMG's Mission is to:
  1. Serve as a platform to promote discussion for production music companies worldwide.
  2. Support National production music associations and their members in individual markets.
  3. Distribute regular, sector-specific information to its members.
  4. Organise industry events and conferences to bring focus and action around our issues.
  5. Spread awareness, share data to highlight the valuation of the production music industry
  6. Preserve and enhance the value of music.
  7. Serve as a voice to lobby on behalf of the production music industry PRO's, authorities and international organisations.

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