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ICE is a purpose-driven organisation, founded by rightsholders, for rightsholders. We exist to support songwriters, enabling societies and publishers to accurately compensate them when their work is used internationally. It’s this motivation that gets us up in the mornings and pushes us to excel together.
ICE is the result of a big vision for the industry that harnesses years of combined experience in the multi-territory music market.
We are a joint venture between PRS, STIM and GEMA and actively encourage collaboration between other CMOs, music publishers and digital service providers to ensure composers and songwriters are compensated accurately and fairly for the use of their works.
We’re based in the UK, Germany and Sweden.
What makes ICE unique?
Our aggregated music repertoire is the largest in Europe. We offer a flexible suite of services including copyright administration, multi-territory online licensing and processing.
Any profits ICE generates flow fully back into customer value, e.g. via investments in new technology, improving the underlying pricing model and further improving the delivery of cost-effective and streamlined quality services that ensure rightsholders retain and increase royalties.
We exist to provide the best value possible to our rightsholders and collaborate with all our customers to help create a better future for the music industry

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