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HYBE Corporation, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, is a South Korean entertainment company that gained international prominence for managing popular K-pop groups, most notably BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan).
HYBE Corporation was founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk, a music producer and entrepreneur. The company initially focused on music production and songwriting before expanding its scope to artist management. One of its breakthroughs came with the creation of BTS in 2013, a septet that quickly rose to global fame. BTS's success contributed significantly to the global popularity of K-pop and solidified HYBE's position as a major player in the entertainment industry.
In addition to managing BTS, HYBE Corporation represents other artists and groups, such as TXT (Tomorrow X Together), ENHYPEN, and NU'EST, among others. The company is known for its innovative approach to content creation, incorporating various multimedia platforms and interactive experiences to engage fans.
HYBE has also made strategic business moves to diversify its portfolio. In 2019, the company merged with Source Music, home to the girl group GFRIEND, expanding its influence in the industry. Additionally, HYBE has invested in various ventures, including technology and gaming, demonstrating its commitment to exploring new avenues beyond traditional entertainment.

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