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Hillbrook School is a co-ed, independent, JK–8th grade school located on 14 acres of oak woodland in Los Gatos, CA. Our curriculum is challenging, flexible, and anchored in standards – it’s designed to keep bodies active and minds engaged as our students sharpen their skills and broaden their understanding of the world, their communities, and themselves.
Over the past 80+ years, we have evolved into a leading independent schools in the Bay Area, and yet our vision remains the same - to inspire children to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world. Our talented faculty delivers a program that provides more than 380 students with a unique blend of engaging, experiential academics, visual and performing arts, and opportunities to serve and partner with others in our community to reach beyond and make a difference in the world.
Hillbrook is a recognized leader in educational innovation, earning designation since 2010 as an Apple Distinguished School. Our epicenter for making and design, The Hub, which opened in September 2020, Hillbrook's Center for Teaching Excellence, and The Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook all stem from a commitment to being on the leading edge of best practices in education.
Our faculty members present at conferences across the nation and globe each year, on topics that range from innovative uses of technology, to research studies we have conducted on the impact of classroom design on teaching and learning. We are a community of highly-engaged, lifelong learners.
Hillbrook is deeply committed to cultural competency and committed to DEI learning for all JK-8 students, our families, and employees. We are an intentionally diverse community that strives to reflect the extraordinary diversity of Silicon Valley. We believe that educational strength depends on the creation of a diverse and inclusive community where all people feel a full sense of membership.

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