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We are GUTS Tickets

We aim to eradicate all dishonest practices from the world of ticketing on a commercial scale.
With GUTS, we want to prove how insane and unfair the mainstream business practices of the ticketing industry are - and how unnecessary. Ticketing can be much easier, safer and - dare we say it? - even fun. There truly is no excuse for any fan having to pay more than intended by the event organiser, or for anyone to experience uncertainty about the validity of their purchased tickets. It’s not the 18th century anymore.
Rest assured, we are not just a bunch of pipe-dreaming idealists waiting for the world to change - we are leading the fight ourselves. While politicians from all corners of the world struggle to find an effective regulatory approach that protects consumers, we have designed a technical solution. It’s called ‘GET Protocol’; a smart-ticketing solution that forms the backbone of our system and can instantly be used by any ticketing company in the world to make their tickets honest and transparent. Using our system and the underlying protocol will eradicate scalping on a commercial scale.

Our approach

We design and apply innovative technology such as blockchain and dynamic QR-codes in order to create an easier-than-ever user experience for any audience. People of all ages can effortlessly use our ticketing system and its features.
Over the past few years, we have already successfully ticketed hundreds of events, from stadium concerts to international business conferences to dance parties with thousands of people from dozens of different countries.

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