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Giant is powering bespoke membership businesses for the music industry’s top artists. We also happen to be fixing the biggest problem on the internet: that the algorithms have taken over.
We’re developing the infrastructure, resources, and tools to super-serve artists and help them build lucrative global memberships and more meaningful connections with their fans. By partnering with artists, Giant will unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and give them control of their destinies, untethering themselves from the institutions that have taken advantage of them for too long.
Giant is a subscription platform where fans support their favorite artists in exchange for exclusive content, access, and engagement, while also powering interactions and communities with other fans. Our artists will find Giant to be the place where their biggest fans congregate and experience daily joy - because they have selected their online communities rather than being told by a black box who they should associate with. There is no advertising on the platform and there is no behavioral targeting. Giant is a self-contained and beautiful platform that allows creators to understand their audience uniquely and deeply so they can build lasting relationships while offering fans a home base to engage with other fans.

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