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Future House Music was founded for one reason – to create better experiences for both lovers and makers of music.
Launched in 2014, Future House Music (FHM) has spent the last 7 years transforming the house music industry. We’re the label that puts you first, helping artists become stars and giving fans a new level of access and experience. FHM is one of electronic music’s fastest growing independent record labels – the best is yet to come. With over 2 million online followers, 200 releases, 30 playlists, FHM are game-changers in the world of house music. However, at FHM, we’re about more than just music – we’re a tight-knit global community that lets fans connect with the artists they love. Exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and immersion into the music industry – we break down the barriers between fans and artists, putting songs on repeat and smiles on faces.

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