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Who we are is a music commissioning experience like no other. For artists, it’s free to join and they control what they charge and how much work they take on. They get paid dollars not fractions of pennies as they build their brand, hone their craft, and find new sources of inspiration. And unlike other platforms, every song delivered is an asset with the potential to earn royalties. Fans get to inspire their favorite artist with their stories and collaborate in a meaningful, personal way. They pick from a variety of customized packages and help fine-tune the final recording using the integrated message system. They can also buy added extras, such as video of their song being performed live. And each completed commission comes with a personal note from the artist.
Since Downwrite was established in 2013, artists have earned more than half a million dollars, and we've delivered 4,000 songs to music lovers. In 2021, we brought in experts from the business, entertainment, and tech sectors to make the most of the unique platform we’ve built and relaunched as a brand-new experience.
We envision a diverse community of commissioners using the platform for a variety of customized pieces—from first dances to film scores and podcast intros to corporate anthems. And since Downwrite was created by artists for artists, we will ultimately provide new and innovative ways to support musicians and songwriters with subscription models, sponsorship deals, and asset investment opportunities.
Downwrite is a new vision for the industry of music. From photography to videography to choreography, the way media is created and consumed is changing. Downwrite is in tune with these changes. And our platform taps into a renaissance for songwriters as music becomes the next frontier of self-expression and brand identity. With the stage set for co-creation and co-ownership as never before, Downwrite brings together fans, artists, creators, and investors to realize new pathways.

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