Volunteer: Team Off-Site or Retreat Planning for Music Changing Lives

Catchafire team


**What you'll work on: **
  • A detailed agenda for the team event, including a rundown of content and activities
  • A project plan that itemizes the key steps and timelines for preparation and logistical considerations, such as travel and accommodations, catering needs, guest speakers, session content development, and materials
  • A communication plan to attendees including themes, goals, logistics and any preparation participants should consider before the event
  • A draft budget showing any known costs associated with the team event


Your Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
Your Experience
  • Experience planning content and logistics for staff off-sites, retreats, or team-building events
  • Experience with event project planning
Your Availability
  • Works remotely from anywhere
  • 20-40 hours over 2-8 weeks

How to apply

Apply via link

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CATCHAFIRE is a community of individuals seeking to support and strengthen the social good sector by matching professionals who want to donate their time and talent to nonprofits who need those skills. As a for-purpose social enterprise and Public-Benefit Corporation, Catchafire is committed to providing transformational volunteer experiences that will help create an empathetic, inclusive, and loving world where people use their talents in service of our shared humanity. We are creating a new type of business model– one that demonstrates that you can focus on a social mission and build a successful business at the same time. Our goal is to transform the social good ecosystem by enabling organizations to save time, money, and resources and connect with talented and passionate individuals who have the potential to become long term advocates. We facilitate high impact engagements connecting a vast network of professional volunteers to nonprofits and social enterprises who join our service through a financial commitment funded by a grantmaker or through their existing funds. These engagements result in not only critical work completed, but often also provide an opportunity to develop new and existing skills and ultimately, strengthen an organization’s ability to deliver on its mission long-term. Through our work, we hope to create a more collaborative and equitable environment where all organizations have access to high quality talent and where skilled professionals have a deeper understanding of the people and work of the social good sector. Ultimately, all of our work serves our mission: creating a world where it is commonplace to serve for the greater good.

Job Details

Posted on Oct 12

Fresno, CA, USA

Remote OK