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Wise Music Group is one of the World’s leading music publishers, owning and managing over 300,000 popular and classical music copyrights. The Group is privately owned by one family over several generations, and the UK Head Office is situated in London, in the West End.
International Standard Work Code (ISWC) & International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) management:
  • Identifying Copyrights with missing ISWCs on WMG iMaestro system
  • Working with global collection societies to obtain missing ISWCs by providing system tunecodes and ingesting into Maestro
  • Establishing relationship with ISWC management company ‘Spanish Point’ to acquire ISWCs that the societies cannot provide, before pushing out to societies and 3rd party sub-publishers
  • Working with Vistex to understand how ISWCs are currently provided and updated in Maestro
  • Obtaining ISWCs and ISRCs for any catalogue acquisitions, signings and new works delivered under contract
  • Working with collection societies (e.g., PPL/Grammex/Sound Exchange), affiliates, sub-publishers & 3rd party suppliers to ensure complete ISRC records
  • Adding all new ISRCs to iMaestro
  • Disseminating new ISRCs to societies, 3rd party sub-publishers and Aggregators
IPI (formerly CAE) management & society affiliation:
  • Identifying all controlled writer/publishers where an IPI or society affiliation is missing in Maestro
  • Working with global societies and CISAC (society umbrella organisation responsible for IPI management) to obtain missing IPIs & society affiliations and populate iMaestro accordingly
Data Accuracy & Completeness in Core Systems:
  • Ensuring all users input complete data when creating compositions/clients in iMaestro
  • Working with Vistex to build mandatory fields for key data fields so users must input complete data for a work so that it can be registered/shipped/linked to clients
  • Utilising exception reporting to identify any incomplete data in the system and liaise with local copyright teams to update and complete.
  • Building data exception reports for compositions & clients created in a defined period and identifying missing data, to be circulated on a regular basis to Copyright staff with instructions to update works/clients accordingly
  • Rerunning reports on a regular basis to monitor progress and resending updated reports to relevant Copyright staff
  • Working closely with Head of Copyright to identify reoccurring errors for education and training purposes
  • Sharing reports with a summary of findings with MDs in each office
Registration Audit:
  • Investigating a process with 3rd party sub-publishers/local societies to receive the registration status that can be loaded into Maestro and following up with local sub-publishers to manage missing/rejected registrations
  • Working directly with 3rd party sub-publishers to understand how to receive regular updates to be loaded into Maestro showing registration status at their local society
  • Working with Vistex to understand if incoming CWR files can be loaded into Maestro without a corresponding outgoing file
  • Working with 3rd party sub-publishers/societies to determine if they would accept direct registrations from WMG
Legacy Data Registration management:
  • Organising a project to compare data with collection societies to understand where there are gaps in their database and in some cases, gaps in our data for legacy acquisitions
  • Liaising with the societies and local sub-publishers to obtain a list of WMG works in their database and comparing data with iMaestro to find discrepancies
  • Working with Copyright to make direct registrations or shipments to 3rd party sub-publishers and ensuring any missing works are researched and loaded into Maestro where necessary
Development Projects:
  • Providing significant input on a number of data-based projects, including building an audio database (including audio files) and an audio-visual database (including cue sheets and time codes)
  • Working closely with IT department and others within the business to specify business requirements for each project and take on product ownership of resulting databases
Data Structure for analysis/reporting purposes:
  • Creating additional iMaestro data fields and tags to identify where compositions, writers and publishers fall into certain categories e.g., if writers/deals are classical or non-classical
  • Gathering data to understand required reports and building relevant fields/tags to be populated
  • Liaising with Copyright & Royalty teams to ensure existing data is updated and the fields/tags are populated for new deals/songs
  • Working with WMG Directors and Senior Management globally to understand the suite of Maestro reports required to better understand our business and its trends
  • Building fields/tags required for data reporting
  • Building the front-end reports menu for self-serve purposes
  • Working with Copyright & Royalty departments to plan population of fields for legacy data, including deciding if fields can be auto populated
  • Reporting on progress of completion of legacy data compositions/clients


  • Experience of managing large data sets, ideally for a global music publisher, record company or rights society is essential
  • Understanding the challenges posed in digital data aggregation and management
  • Understanding the role of a publisher within the global music industry
  • Understanding the role of a copyright department within a music publisher
  • Understanding the flow of rights and royalties between writers, publishers, recording companies, collection societies, agencies, and licensees
Skills and Abilities
  • A proficient user of Microsoft Office Software, particularly Excel
  • A high level of verbal and written communication
  • An intermediate understanding of Structured Query Language desirable but not essential
Personal Qualities
  • High level of organisation and accuracy
  • Keen to collaborate on group projects
  • Able to manage shifting priorities in a changing environment
  • Able to work to a deadline
  • A logical approach to problem solving
  • Core working hours are 0930 to 1730 Monday to Friday, however you will need to be flexible and able to work additional hours as required ensuring deadlines are met.

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Wise Music Group

Wise Music Group is one of the world’s leading independent music publishing companies. It maintains a global network of standalone offices including London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin. The group’s publishing houses and imprints include some of the most famous names in the history of music including Associated Music Publishers, Bosworth Music GmbH, Campbell Connelly, Le Chant du Monde, Chester Music, G. Schirmer, Éditions Alphonse Leduc, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Novello & Co, Première Music Group and Unión Musical Ediciones. Wise Music Group owns or controls nearly half a million copyrights – including the world’s largest independent holding of historic and contemporary classical music – as well as a huge range of popular songs spanning evergreen, jazz, reggae, blues, pop and rock. The group also represents nearly 100 of today’s most successful living composers and songwriters working in classical music, opera, ballet, pop, film, television and advertising. Represented composers include Hans Abrahamsen, Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass, Aram Khachaturian, Missy Mazzoli, Olivier Messiaen, Francis Poulenc, Sergei Prokofiev, Kaija Saariaho, Dmitri Shostakovich, Jean Sibelius, Igor Stravinsky, Tan Dun, Joby Talbot, John Tavener and Anna Thorvaldsdottir.

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London, England, USA

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