Artists & Repertoire Executive

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As Artist & Repertoire Executive, you will identify and refer artists and will help building their brand and DNA.
What You Will Do:
• Drive the development and selection of appropriate music repertoire and/or genre for Sony Music Vietnam's artists (whether current or prospective), taking into account the artists’ talents, images, voice quality, pitches, appearances, characters and personalities, etc;
• Identify and refer new artists;
• Provide advice on the current and future music fashion/trend as well as the general consumers’ demands;
• Provide advice on grooming, development and training to artists (whether they are new or existing) in terms of music production, music play-back techniques, mixing and remixing, vocal techniques, singing techniques, live performances, image, styling, looks, and personality enhancement, etc.;
• Liaising, “brainstorming” and meeting with internal teams to discuss A&R’s strategies;
• Have a strong, clear vision of the music market, including gaps and potential opportunities in the market over the next 2 to 3 years;
• Work with the team and external contacts to identify strong artist proposition that may fill those gaps guaranteeing Sony Music Vietnam market share over the coming years;
• Be commercial and forward thinking in artist signings deals and ensure that signings will be concluded in a timely and satisfactory manner;
• Build and maintain a strong network of recording contacts including writers, producers, publishers, mixing engineers, mastering engineer and studio contacts;
• Work with marketing and artist management team to oversee the recording process of Sony Music Vietnam artists;
• Demonstrate a good ear for the music that will help the artist/s success and be able to identify the singles that will be hits and those that will add to the overall record;
• Act as a point of escalation as the record being worked across the team begin to move towards release.


• University graduate, having a Music/Media degree not a must, but good to have.
• Thorough understanding of music and the contemporary music scene.
• Hands-on knowledge of how songs/albums are recorded and produced.
• Have a good understanding of a variety of music genres.
• Experiential understanding of commercial success for music | knowledge of consumer taste.
• Tech-savvy to leverage various sources for artist & music scouting.
• Excellent Interpersonal skills – relationship building with artists/producers/music managers etc.
• Strong negotiation skills.
• High on Emotional Quotient (EQ) in order to support the artist/music through the lifecycle.
• Should have a good ear for music and be able to tap potential or provide advice on fine-tuning aspects.
• Love and passion for music and supporting local talent.
• Strong understanding of digital marketing, social media, content, and streaming landscape.
• Creative thinker, confident and proactive in your approach, able to work autonomously and be a team player.
• Great communicator and an ability to take on and utilise diverse opinions.
• Be a relationship driven person.

Benefits & Perks

  • You join an inclusive, collaborative and global community where you have the opportunity to fuel the creative journey
  • A modern office environment designed to foster productivity, creativity, and teamwork
  • We invest in your professional growth & development

How to apply

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Job Details

Posted on Sep 8

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Full time